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About Me


Hi, I'm Sally and I'm an artist based in Perth Western Australia.

I have always loved to paint and create things. I've dabbled in all sorts of arts and crafts over the years and painting has been always been my constant, like gravity always pulling me back in, through all the different stages of my life.

I recently took quite a bit of time off to complete my degree in psychology, which was a great challenge whilst juggling my three beautiful and lively children!

I've always been so inspired by nature and how everything is so intricately connected - and how this can also connect to our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. I think this is why I tend to incorporate fluid movement into most of my pieces - its just the way I think about life and how I try to capture moments, feelings and meanings - with some reverence to the bigger picture and the simplicity of the little things too. 

My work focuses on natural formations, land and sea scapes, flora and fauna. I love to use soft colour palettes, fine textures, and a mixture of fluid formations and brushwork (plus a bit of spray paint!). I mix most of my colours on the canvas and paint as intuitively and spontaneously as I can.


I am proud that my work is authentic and that is has evolved over so many years to become what it is today, if you have followed along with my journey you might notice how different elements have tied in and blended together over the years! I hope you will find some connection to my work, that it will make you feel happy, hopeful, inspired and maybe even a little nostalgic. xx


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